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My dog Toby, loves going to Woofgang’s. As soon as we pull up and he is out of the car his tail is non-stop wagging as we approach the door. He has some special buddies he likes to wrestle with and he really loves the humans too. I am a very picky dog owner and I can recommend Woofgang’s with 100% confidence. Jean and Tom treat Toby and all the dogs like they are their dogs. Woofgang’s is a 6 star doggie palace full of love and fun.

-Sandy, Mommy to Toby – a loveable mix with a wild tail

We absolutely love the personal care and attention that Tom and Jean give Minnie at Woofgang’s. It makes us happy to see how excited she gets every time we bring her there, and we have such a peace of mind knowing that she is being looked after and loved all day long. We work long hours and travel frequently, so Woofgang’s is a lifesaver for us.

-Cheya and Rick, Parents to Minnie – cutest Boston Bull Terrier ever

My dogs are commuters – commuting for my work between Oregon and California. I have not been able to find anyone that compares to Woofgang’s – they are professional, caring and knowledgeable. The facility is always clean and perfect for our canine companions. Simply, Jean and Tom are just really good people who know and love dogs. I trust them and more importantly, Shasta and Kenai adore them and all their playmates at Woofgang’s. I only wish they’d open a Woofgang’s on Oregon!

-Mariane – Mommy to Kenai and Shasta – big, beautiful and funny Ridgebacks

Our 17 month old chocolate lab, Percy, will jump in to the car like magic if he is going to Woofgang’s. He is one of the rarities who hates to ride in cars, but will do it to go to Woofgang’s. We cannot say “Woofgang’s” at home because it will excite him too much, we say the W word. The very obedient 113 pound lab becomes a bouncy hair ball, jumps on the counter, so he can get to the other side and join the other doggies. Jean and Tom know every dog they take care of so well; their names, personalities, their little quirks and what each dog does during the day. That is what makes us feel very comfortable about Woofgang’s among other things. We also like the cage free rooms where Percy stays when we board him. The dogs at the daycare are friendly, well balanced dogs and we think that is why Percy enjoys himself so much. They play hard, indeed! He was a little on the chubby side and with playtime and exercise he got at Woofgang’s, it has helped him lose ten pounds. We are truly happy we found Woofgang’s.

-Riko – Mommie to Percy – our BIG baby of a lab

We can not put into words what Jean and Tom mean to us and our pups. Comet and Ebony love to come and visit so much, they can feel when we are getting close, and they go nuts in the car. They do not care if they are coming for six hours or a week, as long as they get to come! Even though Comet is a crazy Jack Russell, he is a completely different dog since going to “Auntie Jean and Uncle Tom.” We used to not be able to go to dog parks, because he would be too aggressive. But, he plays with all the dogs now, big and little. Honestly, we don’t know what we would do without them. They have the kindest hearts and an enormous amount of patience. We hand out their cards to strangers because we love them so much. We love you!

-Brandie and Jeff – parents to Comet and Ebony – the crazy Jack Russell and the “sweet” puggle with energy to spare

We can not even begin to describe how much we love and appreciate Woofgang’s. Our puppy, Tonka, has been going there since he was 10 weeks old. They have always been there when we needed them, even for last minute overnights. They have helped us so much with Tonka, especially since he is our first dog. They are really knowledgeable about toys, treats, food and training. We can tell they love our dog just as much as we do. Tonka just loves it there. Everyday when we pick him up they always have a fun story to tell us about his day. It is a relief for us when we are at work, just knowing that he is there and being taken care of. We recommend them to anyone and everyone.

-Kerrie and Tim – parents to Tonka – the love bug Puggle

Woofgang’s truly cares. They care for our two dogs during the day while we are at work and school. Our dogs are able to socialize and play all day. When we come home, instead of crazed, over energized dogs because of being alone at home all day they are mellow, tired from all their play and enjoyable to be around.

-Delea and Ron – Parents to Belle, the obsessed ball player and Jack Sparrow, the cutest puppy Puggle

When I first got my two – 2 pound puppies, I didn’t think I could let them out of my sight. Once I realized they were going to absolutely exhaust me, I realized I needed to put them somewhere during the day when I was working. I looked at several places and found Woofgang’s stood out from all the others. I was pleased to find that there are several wide open areas for the dogs to run in, including a large outside area (which my dogs especially love since we do not have a yard). I also found the facility clean and free of any smells. I was even more impressed when Jean and Tom offered to help train my new little wild Pomeranian puppies, which I was more than willing to take them up on. Bear and Wolf have now been going to Woofgang’s almost a year and every morning when I drive them in and we turn onto the block, they bark their little heads off in happiness when they realize where we are going. The best part is when I am at work and know that they are having fun and will be pooped out by the end of the day when I pick them up . I really can’t say enough for Jean and Tom at Woofgang’s. They really put their heart and soul in to the place and it shows.

-Lisa – Mom to Bear and Wolf, the flirty girls

I can not say enough wonderful things about Jean, Tom and Woofgang’s. They are a pleasure in my and my doggie’s life. They are so good with them, it is so obvious that they truly love and care for my babies. The facility is spectacular – huge and set up so well. The outside area is great. They get it all at Woofgang’s! They take special care to keep like dogs together. They have fun, get exercise and love all day long. I of course didn’t want a huge expense in taking my dogs to daycare, but I don’t mind a penny of it because they are having so much fun. Even on my days off I bring them. I highly recommend Woofgang’s to anyone who will listen. I would not have my dogs in a place that did not love them as they do, as crazy as my doggies are! Plus the referrals to me have been priceless – the vet, the photographer and even trying to find me a dog walker when I wanted them to have a variety.

-Lindsey, Mom to Maggie, the crazy lab and Daisy, the sweetheart

Stella, our black Standard Poodle, gets excited at the mere mention of Woofgang’s! This is the only time that we have ever left our girl overnight without feeling guilty. It is clear when we arrive that Stella, not us, is the one in charge. Although Jean and Tom are very diligent in keeping various breeds and sizes separated, Stella enjoys playing chase with all of them. It is nice to see such caring people taking care of our special girl in such a clean and happy environment. We have looked at many daycare and overnight places for our pets and used several prior to Woofgang’s, but none come close to the warmth, care and security that Woofgang’s provides.

-Patrice and Chris, Mommies to Stella, the happy Poodle

Woofgang’s is dedicated to a clean and healthy environment. Each dog must provide us with current vaccination information as well as their flea and heartworm control. We offer a clean, refreshing, bacteria-free environment utilizing natural sanitation for stains and odors, consistent routine of cleanliness, and consistant cleaning of toys, dog bowls and bed covers with natural enzymes and anti-allergen detergent.

We are located in South San Francisco with easy access on and off Highway 101. Our hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Daily. Daycare rates start at just $35 a day with packages for multiple days and dogs.

Additional Information

Hours of operation:7am-7pm Every Day.

Plan ahead and make your overnight reservations for your dog while you head out for your next vacation. Come in now for your qualifying interview. We like your dog to stay with us for at least a half day prior to their overnight visit. Then all you need to do is call and tell us when your dog will be with us. We are always here for you and your dog.

Daycare needs: All dogs must pass our 30 minute evaluation/temperament interview. Click here to view more information.

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