Information - Woofgang's Doggie Daycare Needs

The following needs must be met prior to any dog staying with us
  • All dogs must pass our 30 minute evaluation/temperament interview and half-day stay
  • All dogs must have proof of current vaccinations (Distemper, Bordetella, Rabies) at least one week prior to staying with us
  • All dogs must be on an active Flea and Heartworm Control program; e.g. Frontline, Advantage
  • All dogs must be altered 6 months old or earlier
  • All dogs must be over 10 weeks old. Puppies 10 - 16 weeks must have the second set of vaccinations completed
  • All dogs must be of a non-aggressive behavior towards people and other dogs.
  • All dogs must be in good health
  • All dogs must wear a quick release collar during their stay
  • We all need to obey the South San Francisco leash guidelines. These guidelines require the utilization of a six foot or less leash when dropping off and picking up from our daycare

Evaluation Interview
  • Your veterinarians may fax ahead your dog's records prior to your interview at 650.872.0700 or you may bring them with you. We have a system in place to help remind you of your dog's upcoming due dates
  • You may fill out the application by clicking here and bring it with you to save time

Reservations Required
  • Please call 650.872.7700, email us at or fax us at 650.872.0700 to secure your dog's stay 24 hours prior to the desired day. For emergency changes or last minute needs please call us.
  • Cancellations also need to be 24 hours in advance. Please call us for cancellations.

  • With your approval we will provide our dogs with natural treats

  • We will gladly feed your dog. Please supply their food and provide us with any instructions.

  • We are capable of administering simple medications to your dog while he or she stays with us. Just give us written instructions and label the medication with your dog's name.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!

Additional Information

Hours of operation:7am-7pm Every Day.

Plan ahead and make your overnight reservations for your dog while you head out for your next vacation. Come in now for your qualifying interview. We like your dog to stay with us for at least a half day prior to their overnight visit. Then all you need to do is call and tell us when your dog will be with us. We are always here for you and your dog.

Daycare needs: All dogs must pass our 30 minute evaluation/temperament interview. Click here to view more information.

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