Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow dogs to stay overnight?
Our overnights are reserved for our client's dogs. They stay in private suites and there is a dog guide with them the entire night. To become a client all you need to do is go through our interview process and have your dog stay in daycare at least for a day independent of their overnight stay.

What if I need to drop off my dog earlier than 7 a.m. or pick my dog later than 7 p.m.?
Just let us know the time you need to drop off and pick up and we can accommodate the majority of requests.

Why should I have my dog go to daycare?
The top five reasons besides socialization and exercise are:
  1. The guilt you have when you leave them alone all day, or the fear
  2. Your dog has way too much energy for you after a long day at work
  3. The neighbors are hinting that your dog barks and cries all day long when you are gone.
  4. New baby? New furniture? Moving?
  5. Work being done in your home or neighborhood that is making your dog anxious?

What happens if my dog becomes ill or is injured while at the daycare?
If your dog becomes ill or injured while with us, we will contact you on your emergency information that you gave us so we can discuss what you want to do. If we deem it necessary to immediately take your dog to a veterinarian we will try to use your vet but may have to take them to emergency or a local veterinarian.

What's the difference between OUR doggie daycare and a kennel?
The difference between OUR doggie daycare and a kennel is that your dog is with other dogs all day. But at night, they get their own room. We have an indoor and outdoor facility that is much larger than a dog-run and our day is all about your dog - lots of play time mixed with some nap time and surrounded by love.

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