About Woofgang's Doggie Daycare

Woofgang's Doggie Daycare is a 27,000 square foot indoor/outdoor facility that offers a safe, healthy and supervised play environment where dogs will socialize in cage-free surroundings. Our focus is to give the dog owner a piece of mind that their dog is having a fun, active, social and entertaining day while they are with us. Each dog is interviewed prior to staying with us to identify their play group, to understand their specific needs and to ensure all vaccinations are up-to-date.

The play groups are designed for compatibility and where the dogs romp with each other in groups with a dog guide. The play group will rotate between the inside and outside (weather permitting). Daily they can play tug-of-war, catch, chase or climb the play set all while being supervised by a dog guide. We have private suites The Lazy Lounge, Wriggle Room, Wet Noses, Sweet Dreams, Feed Lot for the dog that may be older, recovering from surgery or a new puppy not quite ready for "big" dog play. They will play hard and relax even harder. Early in the afternoon there is down time for the dogs to relax before their afternoon play begins. It's a ruff life and we love being a part of your dog's day.

Woofgang's is dedicated to a clean and healthy environment. Each dog must provide us with current vaccination information as well as their flea and heartworm control. We offer a clean, refreshing, bacteria-free environment utilizing natural sanitation for stains and odors, consistent routine of cleanliness, and consistant cleaning of toys, dog bowls and bed covers with natural enzymes and anti-allergen detergent.

We are located in South San Francisco with easy access on and off Highway 101. Our hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., every day. Daycare rates start at just $42 a day with packages for multiple days and dogs.

Additional Information

Hours of operation:7am-7pm Every Day.

Plan ahead and make your overnight reservations for your dog while you head out for your next vacation. Come in now for your qualifying interview. We like your dog to stay with us for at least a half day prior to their overnight visit. Then all you need to do is call and tell us when your dog will be with us. We are always here for you and your dog.

Daycare needs: All dogs must pass our 30 minute evaluation/temperament interview. Click here to view more information.

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